Western Union Easy Target Versus Bitcoin Industry

Global leader in international money transfer leader Western Union is undergoing heavy criticism from the Bitcoin community after a parody campaign sponsored by a Reddit user, and posted on a Bitcoin news Facebook page, that aimed to strongly emphasize the immense benefits of the hugely popular crypto currency that could be exploited by the company.

The world-renowned remittance service company has taken down the subvertising home page of an ad that was initially supposed to promote the services of Western Union. The company currently offers a flat $5 fee for each payment of less than $ 50, which translates to a 10% fee, or a 50% fee if users send $10.

However, the Bitcoin community, which included Bitcoin mining specialists, quickly highlighted the $0.01 transaction fee that applies in most cases and involve transactions that are completed within the Bitcoin network. Western Union, more specifically assistant legal analyst Erin Schol, filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claim with Facebook, alleging trademark infringement of its image and the complete removal of the ad on the basis of mocking Facebook posts.

In turn, the original creator of the ad filed a counter notification with Facebook in hopes of having the image restored.