Payza Takes Bitcoin to All Corners of the World

Payza, an online merchant service and payment platform founded in 2012, recently announced that the company is expanding their services to offer the option to “withdraw funds by bitcoin” to users in 190 countries. Payza competes with giants like Paypal allowing customers to transfer funds and buy different products online. In addition, businesses can have their own Payza accounts to use as merchants.

But, one of the main differences with Paypal and a company like Payza is that the latter gives their customers the chance to deal with Bitcoin and is very positive and supportive of the crypto currency community and Bitcoin mining efforts. Payza members can buy Bitcoins with funds that they already have in their secure accounts and allows them to store these coins in their Payza ewallets. Users are also able to transfer Bitcoin to another wallet service of their choice.

According to, Ali Nizameddine, Executive VP of Product and Technology at Payza, the company had “…a distinct vision of how we would like to incorporate Bitcoins into our platform”. In a recent statement Nizameddine said, “That is what we are currently trying to achieve, but the actual service offered will depend on the partnerships we forge and the regulations of the countries in which we operate.”