How About Paying for Taxes with Bitcoin?

There are some things in life that aren’t particularly easy if you don’t know what you’re dong. You can add Bitcoin mining to the list of things. Paying your taxes is also never easy nor fun. It’s especially tricky if you don’t really know what you’re doing and end up hiring someone else to do them for you. However, you can now combine both things in one and pay for your taxes with your favorite crypto currency. Does this make the process more hassle-free? It just might make it more fun for you.

Earlier this year Bitcoin-based shopping cart snapCard expanded its offerings and launched a pay-the-IRS service for its customers. Users are able to pay for their taxes in Bitcoin and all USD transactions are processed through a payment processor. According to one of the company’s founders, Ioannis Giannaros, “Tax services are truly relevant right now. Essentially, you fill out a form and you say how much you want to pay. Then, we invoice you.”

Now, Jason Lamarche, a Vancouver politician has been pretty vocal about his thoughts on Bitcoin and taxes. The politician believes the Canadian city should allow residents to pay their taxes, fines and fees using the virtual currency. According to Lamarche the city of Vancouver is considered the country’s technological capital but they’re failing to promote this new technology altogether. He believes Bitcoin has a strong disruptive potential but as of now the city has stated it has no plans to consider accepting Bitcoin payments. Nevertheless, since Bitcoin donations are legal in Vancouver, things could change sooner than expected.