Coinbase Launches First US Bitcoin Exchange

The first licensed Bitcoin exchange is finally here and this is thanks to San Francisco based Bitcoin startup, Coinbase. The Bitcoin services provider company officially launched its newest product to consumers in 24 states across the United States. So if you happen to be an avid Bitcoin mining fan or Bitcoin miner, these could result is some of the most positive news the virtual coin has seen in the past few months.

The company’s announcement is taking place right in the middle of a surge of news that suggest the US Bitcoin exchange market is about to welcomed by new high-profile entrants.

According to Coinbase, with this move they hope to “bring increased stability to the bitcoin ecosystem.” Thus far, the company has already offered what worked as an online Bitcoin exchange, giving users the chance to trade the virtual currency for dollars and other fiat currencies. However, the new Coinbase Exchange gives Bitcoin a much needed added legitimacy to a system that has conducted its operations outside of government regulations.

Coinbase claims to operate 2.1 million consumer wallets and to serve close to 40,000 merchants. At launch, the new exchange website presented a few minor problems with pages failing to completely load for some customers, and other users reporting problems accessing the service. However, despite these minor issues reports confirm that transactions were successful.