Bitcoin Foundation Announces New Affiliate in Easter Europe

The Bitcoin Foundation is a member-driven non-profit organization whose main focus is to serve the different business, government relations, technology and public affairs needs of the entire Bitcoin community. Now, the foundation has let the community as well as everyone else know that they have added the first Eastern European chapter affiliates in Romania.

The organization works in service of protecting and standardizing the Bitcoin protocol and software including Bitcoin mining hardware standards. It also aims to increase the use of the crypto currency through public education and by promoting a safe and regulatory environment, and also to support local Bitcoin efforts by intertwining a network of Bitcoin communities around the world.

In this regard, the Bitcoin Foundation Romania, or Fundatia Bitcoin Romania, intends to educate the general public on the benefits of Bitcoin and also spread adoption in the crypto currency among merchants who are currently paying pricey fees for credit card transactions and others. “I believe that Bitcoin is at point where everyone who believes in it – be it the currency or protocol – needs to work together to help it move forward,” said of Fundatia Bitcoin Romania board member Victor Cazacu. “The partnership with the global foundation is our first step in this direction. Our main goals are to support Bitcoin in the region and to educate people about the potential of this technology.” Cazacu added.