Bitcoin ATM’s Appearing All Over the World: This Time in Spanish Hotel

Even though you may feel that it’s all about Bitcoin mining, like it is for me, the industry is so much more than that. There are many different things going on all over the world within the Bitcoin industry and it is only getting more and more attention as time goes by. A great example is the launch of Bitcoin ATM’s in what seems to be every little corner of the globe.

One Shot Hotels, a Spanish hotel chain that accepts Bitcoin payments, recently celebrated the launch of a Bitcoin ATM in one of its Madrid hotels. The hotel hosted a cocktail party at its Recoletos 04 location. The party was attended by more than 100 people who were either Bitcoin enthusiasts or at the very least, Bitcoin curious.

According to trader Félix Moreno, “It was packed. All the Spanish Bitcoin startups were there, along with a lot of bitcoin users and also a few newbies who had a lot of questions to ask.” The Bitcoin ATM that was installed in the One Shot hotel is a two-way Robocoin machine, which gives users the chance to both buy as well as sell Bitcoins.

Enrique de Solís Tello, partner at One Shot Hotels, said the ATM has actually been functioning since 2nd October and thus far it has processed more than $5,000 in transactions.